South Philly Community Fridge - A community-centered, volunteer-based organization dedicated to giving all Philadelphians access to fresh and healthy food, with fridges located at:
1901 S 9th Street, Philadelphia PA, 19148
1200 S 21st Street, Philadelphia PA, 19146
2100 S 24th Street, Philadelphia PA, 19145

Mutual Aid Philly - Mutual Aid Philly is an entirely volunteer run, community powered group that provides direct aid, neighbor to neighbor, in South Philly and Center City in English and Spanish. They primarily focus on disabled and chronically ill, undocumented, people of color, LGBTQ, and low-income individuals and families.

Housing Reparations Philly - Redistribution of non-Black wealth and energy to Black queer & LGBT+ people (particularly Black women +/or trans people +/or femmes) in need of housing & funds for housing.

Goldenrod Community - Goldenrod Community is a comprehensive support program in Philadelphia for women and trans individuals including their families that are being impacted by incarceration & proverty.

CADBI - The Coalition to Abolish Death By Incarceration is an all-volunteer effort working to build a mass movement both inside and outside of prison to take a stand against DBI and other harsh sentencing practices.

Philly Bail Fund - The Philly Bail Fund is a revolving fund that posts bail for people who are indigent and cannot afford bail. Their goal is to keep families and communities together and vigorously advocate for the end to cash bail in Philadelphia.

Philly Community Bail Fund - The Philadelphia Community Bail Fund raises money all year round to post bail for our neighbors who remain imprisoned simply because they are too poor to pay for their freedom. Your support goes toward posting bail and providing some basic supports to help people recover their lives after incarceration.

The Village of Art and Humanities - The Village of Arts and Humanities is a 30+ year old arts organization in the heart of North Philadelphia. They amplify the voices and aspirations of our community by providing arts-based opportunities for self-expression and personal success that engage youth and their families, revitalize physical space, and preserve black heritage.

Taller Puertorriqueño - Taller Puertorriqueño is a community-based Puerto Rican and Latinx arts and cultural organization in North Philadelphia, PA.