Within making, I’m seeking an outlet to process the world we’re living in and reach out to others with hope of what we can potentially build together. My work fluxes between research, documentation, drawing using sculpted and woven forms, and working within spaces of community-centered care. This cyclical practice is rooted in research, observation, and my own participation within the commonplace disposability of people and objects within US-American culture, most specifically within the housing market and how that has a trickledown effect on our collective well-being.

As a personal method of meditation, I recreate the same self-documented buildings or objects in various mediums repetitively to give myself space to think. In these moments of focused making, I’m able to reflect on the larger issues at hand within gentrification and displacement. This smoothing-out process, both physically and mentally provides room to connect patterns and find ways to organize spaces of care and connection alongside other people within Philadelphia. My work is an exploration of what has been, what is being taken from us, as well as what we can provide to one another.
ABOUT ME : I am a 30 year old Philly transplant who found my home here 13 years ago and have continually been finding more within the people I meet. Within my life I am constantly reevaluating the ideas of “devotion” and “balance” and how they have an impact on the way I carry myself through the world towards both myself and others. Professionally, I work as the Executive Director of a community art space and gallery that offers free programming to creative people of all ages. I also freelance to a small client base as an artist advisor. My favorite restaurant is Taco Riendo and also anywhere with good soup.

CONTACT ME : Email samanthamconnors@gmail.com Instagram @samanthamconnors